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Dream more than others think is practical
Risk more than others think is safe.

We are a versatile organization that can do everything between architectural-design and zero latency.

We have the strength to execute every aspect of business or project to your stated goals.

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Consulting Services

Project Management

The right approach, planning, motivation, communication, management, etc. These are key competencies our PMs control, all delivered within time & budget.

IT Service Management

Many see IT as a cost, but it is the department that ensures that our staff and customers can shine. The correct processes are therefore of great importance.

Cloud Technologies

Also switching to the cloud? We are happy to share the many years of knowledge and advice on the pitfalls, points of attention and also benefit from our experience.

Model Management

Managing the right models via a combined platform on Azure & Adobe is our expertise, so the customer experiences better performance.

Portfolio Management

Managing the project strategy with discipline and using the right resources, in order to deploy the maximum value to achieve the business goals.


Want to realize better process but not have the right expertise to guide? We can help to save an average of 15% annual expenses on better processes

High level of competence

Our experience will help you to create quality.

Of the 25 years we are active in Information Technology, we have built up many years of knowledge and experience in the expertise described below. We will prevent you from pitfalls, budget overruns, miscommunication & project failure.

Project Management
20 years
Consulting Services
16 years
Portolfio management
10 years
Online sevices
6 years

Make every detail perfect and limit the number of details to perfect.

With a strong personality, my drive and sense of urgency is disciplined by the concern for quality and accuracy of the work we do.

The approach to anything we do is carefully thought out, based on detailed knowledge of all pertinent facts and thorough analysis of relevant details – We are an open communicative orgainzation and strongly results-oriented.


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Meet some of our specialists

Read what some of our members inspires to work at NKMB for you.

Our team of specialists are available every day for you, but also for our own employees and subsidiaries in the field of IT, finance, HR, management, projects & freelancers.

"The most important are the finances, so it remains a fantastic job to ensure that everything flows smoothly within budget"

Peter C.

Finance Specialist

"Great to be able to turn your hobby addiction into your work and even help others with it."

Amina N.

Branch Specialist

"The many legal changes that the authorities challenge us with, turn out to be a nice variation in my daily work every time."

Nanda R.

Legal Specialist



We are transparent in everything we do, whether it concerns projects, models, cost, rules, or business operations. Nothing is unexpected with us.



Nowadays equality is widely discussed in social & business life. For us everyone is equal and this is clearly reflected within the policies of our companies.



Integrity is one of the qualities that is of paramount importance to us. You can expect this from all our employees and there are no exceptions.


20+ yrs Experience

After 20 yrs, we are very aware of what works best for companies in different industries. All this experience is reflected in every new project we undertake.

our values

Environment & Climate change is our priority!


We are environmentally friendly and have our business processes fully integrated with the Microsoft & Adobe cloud and minimize the use of paper to a maximum.


Most people say respect is something you have to earn, well not with us. We respect everyone for who you are and the choices you made or actions you take.


We contribute to the UNFCCC agreements were possible by taking energy saving measures to increase energy efficiency consumption in everything we do.

Principles of our work

Stop chasing the money
Start chasing the passion!​

Our company is dedicated to the highest quality in all the work we do. Quality is the uncompromising standard for our actions and it flows from our passion and our pride in being part of NKMB Holding Group.

Our constant commitment to mutuality always has given us the highest standards of corporate responsibility. It has consistently underpinned the ethics of our corporate governance and has helped us deal fairly everywhere we are active. Its the heart of the bond of trust, respect and honesty that we share with our employees and our customers.

Efficiency is a task we all share. It demands constant and open communication and defines how we work as individuals and as an organization. Lean businesses, small staffs and large jobs held by highly talented employees are all signs of the Efficiency Principle at work.

We choose to be different from those corporations where many levels of management dilute personal responsibility. All our employees are asked to take direct responsibility for results, to exercise initiative and judgment and to make decisions as required.

In our organization we are able to adapt to changes in the company based on its needs, operations, and management but this is also how we act when helping our customers.


Guaranteed results

Almost all our projects (99%) were completed on time and within budget. The strategy is not unique but the approach is. With us you get certainty that will give you guaranteed results.



International experience

In the last 20 years we have supported many multinationals on all continents. Amsterdam, Helsinki, Hong Kong, London, Nairobi, New York, Paris & Sydney are some of the cities we have been active.


Perfect implementation?

Whether it concerns a SAP migration, transformation to Azure, OnePlan integration, 365 transition or a new implementation; we are convinced that we can help you perfectly with this.

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Project quick start

We deliver 3 important points to start your success!


An important aspect of any project is the correct knowledge of all the facts within your industry.


A thorough process is the base for a successful completion of any project. Using a combination of methodologies, 99% of our projects are successful, within time and budget.


We only have people who know how to use the knowledge and processes in the right way, in combination with the right personality, success is assured.

Video afspelen

Organizational Project Management?

See how we see it.

Cement Roadstone Holding - Amsterdam / Dublin

Migrating SAP environments from on-premise to new Azure tenant - Impact 3500 end users, 12 countries, 24 Modules.

Banque Nationale de Paris - Paris

Datacenter consolidation, new support strategy, creating project management structure - Impact 180.000 end users, 52 countries.

ING Bank - Amsterdam / Brussels

Transition to new service environment & consolidate infrastructure - Impact 125.000 end users, 32 countries, 460 applications.

DHL Global Forwarding - Amsterdam / Prague

Implement new change management, improve end user support - Impact 2500 end users, 4 countries , 32 applications.

These 4 customers are an example of the more then 250 cases we completed. If you want a full list of our customers we are glad to provide you.

Technically extremely well qualified and they managed a fast moving programme ensuring that an aggressive programme of delivery was maintained. Would recommend them strongly.

Mike W.
Programme Manager "Fujitsu UK"

Execellent project management skills, very strong documentation and communication skills. Budgets are in harmonization with the projects. 

Edwin H.
Principal Consultant "Citrix"

Great support in our demand for the right strategy. Despite the pandemic, we managed to achieve our goal thanks to these specialists.

Diana W.
Founder "CHIC"
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